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(WJW) — Ohioans are searching for their unclaimed funds more than residents in any other state.

According to the Ohio Department of Commerce, Ohio’s whopping 457.5k searches beat out other states, with California in far second place at 116.7k searches and Texas in third at 104k.

The Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Unclaimed Funds says the average claim in 2022 was $4,000, according to a press release.

Unclaimed funds are lost or forgotten money that businesses and banks report to the division after accounts become inactive, including inactive checking and savings accounts, refund/credit balances, uncashed cashier’s checks, stocks and bonds, forgotten utility deposits or last paychecks.

The division has more than $3 billion waiting to be claimed, returning more than $134 million in missing money to its rightful owners in 2022.

“You can look up an unclaimed fund for anyone and we encourage you to do that,” Susie
Wagner, Outreach Administrator for the Division of Unclaimed Funds said. “We have found that
much of the unclaimed funds belong to people over 50 years of age and deceased individuals.
So, we want people to not only search their names, search their parents, grandparents and any
family members who are living or deceased.”

Ohioans can check any time see if they have unclaimed funds online here or by calling 614-
466-4433. a free website endorsed by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators to help you search for unclaimed funds. You can find that here.