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BEREA, Ohio — A 14-year-old boy with autism had a dream day Monday as he was able to score a touchdown in a middle school football game.

The sights, sounds and crowds at a middle school football game can sometimes be overwhelming for a child with Autism.

That’s why Nick’s moment at the seventh grade football game between Berea-Midpark and North Ridgeville is so special

Nick is the team manager for the seventh grade football team at Berea Middle School.

As manager, Nick helps store the gear and helps with drills on the field, but above all he’s everybody friend.

His coach says Nick’s just one of the guys and other guys on the seventh grade team wanted to do something special for him.

“We set it up for the game and lined up on the five and ran the play that we worked on worked on and worked on to be able to do it and he successfully we did it” Nick’s Coach David Weiss said.  Weiss is also a therapist who worked with Nick for two years.

He said the officials and their opponents from North Ridgeville were more than willing to help Nick achieve his dream of scoring a touchdown in front of his family.

And, it was the moment that brought the house down on Monday.

“Last game of the season and we had a packed crowd.  Everyone just going bonkers and if you watch the video you can see our team running off the sideline, their guys stayed with us, which was awesome too, and we did our break down to which is on my hat. We say work as one with as one, and that’s something we all said together with the opponents.” Weiss said.

But this was’t just a big moment for Nick but also for his teammates. They watched how hard he worked as their team manager and they knew if they could do anything to help him that this was the moment to do it.

“It is great for the other kids to be inclusive and learn how to work with people who are a little bit different from them, and realize that we’re not really all that different…They all embrace Nick and he’s just one of the guys kind of deal, he’s just one of the guys.” Weiss said.

Nick’s grandmother told Fox 8 by phone that they’re overwhelmed with just how far Nick has come.