MENTOR, Ohio (WJW) – The debate over a controversial book came to a head Tuesday night as a long school district considered banning a Colin Kaepernick book from the middle school library.

The Mentor City Schools Board voted not to remove “Colin Kaepernick: From Free Agent to Change Agent” from the middle school library following a parent complaint.

However, it wasn’t an unanimous decision.

During a board meeting, the board voted 2-2, with one member being absent. This means all copies of the book will remain in the library catalog.

The decision is in line with the opinion of a district review committee, along with the superintendent. But before that decision was made, parents stood up to voice their concerns to school board members.

“Colin Kaepernick is a controversial political activist, not a universal role model. And 5th grade is way too young to read about controversial figures without parental guidance or discussion,” said
one parent.

“My kids will read this and say yes. And for that reason, I need this book in these schools so that my daughters will be able to see someone who looks like them,” said another parent.

The superintendent added that it is a choice book in the 5th grade library, not a required text. Parents have the right to request that the child does not check out the book.

This is the fourth book to be challenged by parents and the second one to actually make it to a school board vote.