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MENTOR, Ohio-– Imagine a world where you had trouble talking and couldn’t express your thoughts and feelings in a clear way. It’s a reality Jordyn Zimmerman, a student at Mentor High School, had dealt with for years. That was until she was introduced to Proloquo2Go on her iPad. It allows her to type out what she wants to say and then the program recites it for her.

“Having my iPad has helped me express myself much better in situations where I become frustrated and overstimulated. It has also allowed me to educate other people on how they can accept people who are different,” said Jordyn, using the app.

Jordyn has autism and said she struggled at her other schools because the teachers never really made an effort to help her talk, but now she has all the right resources and her aide thinks it’s made a huge difference.

“She’s attending all normal classrooms and I think she has one integrated class and it’s Algebra. She’s getting straight As,” said her aide, Chris Lamphier.

The app also lets Jordyn pick how she wants to sound, and while she found a voice she likes, she said some might not. So that’s why she’s trying to expand those options by hosting a voice drive. It’s a really neat concept and anyone can take part. All you have to do is CLICK HERE to head to VocaliD, and  record your voice.

Jordyn hopes they get a lot of donors. “I think it’s so important. Voices are how people are recognized. If everyone had the same voice, then they don’t have their own vocal identity which takes away from their contributions,” she said.

*Get much more information on the voice drive right here*