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BRUNSWICK HILLS TOWNSHIP, Ohio– Four local men are facing criminal charges after throwing a wild party at a model home owned by a custom builder.

The home in Medina County’s Brunswick Hills Township is listed for sale at $400,000. That’s why a real estate agent was surprised when 22-year-old Brian Rini showed up one day and said he wanted to buy the house.

“Showed the realtor that he had $800,000 in his bank account and would be there on Tuesday to give them a check for $5,000 as a down payment on the home and start the process so he can purchase the house,” Township Police Chief Tim Sopkovich told FOX 8.

Rini told neighbors the next day he purchased the home and was planning to throw a big party that night.

Investigators identified Rini and his group of friends as Christopher Carson, 23, of Medina; Divante Murray, 20, of Cleveland; and Cordell Burton, 22, of Cleveland. Police said they used social media to promote a tattoo party in the house still owned by the builder.

Police said the men and their guests proceeded to trash the home, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

“The plan was very obvious through their Facebook media posts. The videos of them in the house with the fireplace. ‘Come on over; it’s a $400,000 home. We’re going to party; bring your own drugs,'” Sopkovich said.

An employee of the builder discovered the damage the next day. Police in nearby Medina alerted Brunswick Hills police that they had seen Facebook postings promoting the party and bragging about the damage. Inside the home, police found some of the personal belongings of the suspects, including prescription pills and one of their credit cards.

It turns out that Rini, who has a history of passing bad checks, and his friends planned to return the next night for another party. Residents of the quiet neighborhood were not amused.

“I mean this is a family neighborhood. That’s not what we want to see in here for our kids and ourselves. And we were all very upset about the whole thing. And the fact that he could do it, got away with it one night and actually thought he was going to come back and do it the next night was really an outrage. We were very upset about it,” said neighbor Sarah Tomasi.

Investigators said there was no forced entry to the home and the real estate agent recalled that when she showed Rini the home, he was standing over her shoulder when she punched in the code to the garage door opener. Police said they believe he memorized the code and used it to gain entry to the house.

Rini, Carson, Murray and Burton are now facing charges of burglary and felony vandalism.

“They had a plan when they came here. They definitely thought it through and I have to say it, kind of knew what they were doing,” Tomasi said.

The four men are being held in the Medina County Jail, each on a bond of $20,000. Police are hoping that eventually they will be forced to make restitution for the damage done to the model home.