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AVON, Ohio (WJW) — At a time when it seems like everything costs more, Meijer, like other stores, is offering deals on Thanksgiving items.

Most notably, they are offering frozen Meijer brand turkeys for 59 cents per pound, which the company says is about the same price they were sold for in the 1930s.

“We know turkey prices are up significantly in a lot of places this year, but our highest priority is bringing value and quality to our customers this holiday season,” Meijer poultry buyer Josh Potts said in a statement.

Whole Homemade Thanksgiving Turkey with All the Sides
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Meijer says it fully expects to sell at least 1 million turkeys this year. Take a look at how the 59-cent price (good through Nov. 25) stacks up against other turkey options at the store below:

  • Honeysuckle White brand frozen turkey at $1.09 per pound
  • Meijer brand fresh turkey at $1.19 per pound
  • Butterball brand frozen turkey at $1.29 per pound
  • Butterball fresh turkey at $1.99 per pound
  • True Goodness by Meijer brand frozen antibiotic free turkey at $2.19 per pound

Customers are limited to one Meijer brand a piece. Find Northeast Ohio Meijer locations right here.