*Attached video: Meet the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s baby gorilla

CLEVELAND (WJW) – There’s a new baby at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo!

The zoo announced on their Facebook page Wednesday that they welcome a new baby pygmy slow loris. 

As their name suggests, pygmy slow lorises are small! According to the Smithsonian Zoo, their bodies are 10 inches at the biggest and range between 6 and 10 inches.

Pygmy slow lorises, according to the Smithsonian, are the only known venomous primate. Their venom can incapacitate predators as large as humans, so clearly the little guy packs a punch.

According to the post, the baby’s mom and dad, Nova and Asiago, are, “Doing great as first-time parents!”

The zoo said this baby’s birth is extra special because pygmy slow lorises are endangered.

Zoo guests can see the new pygmy slow loris in the Cat & Aquatics building.

For more information about the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, click here.