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MINERVA-Meet Ruby Gilliam, Ohio oldest delegate taking part in the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week.

Born in Kentucky back in 1922, Ruby has called Minerva home for the past 61 years.

She told FOX 8 her father was always running her office, so it was only natural she got involved.

Gilliam said, “So when I was knee high, about that high, I was passing out literature for somebody running for office all my life.”

Ruby was a school teacher before World War II. After her husband was killed in the line of the duty, she left her job to serve her country as part of the Navy Waves. That moment, Ruby said, “The day I put on my navy uniform was the proudest day of my life.”

After settling in Carroll County, Ruby became actively involved in politics, serving as the Carroll County Democratic Chair for 35 years. Although she never won an elected office, she always wanted to serve her community.

For the last 28 years, Ruby has been part of of the Ohio Delegation at the Democratic National Convention.

She’s been to 7 conventions, beginning in Atlanta in 1988 where she served on credentials committee.

Since then, she’s been a delegate, helping to nominate every democratic candidate since Bill Clinton.

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