HINCKLEY, Ohio (WJW)– A Medina High School student is fighting for his life after falling from a ledge at Hinckley Reservation.

Jacob Wuersig, 16, is a junior at Medina High School. On Tuesday, he went to Whipps Ledges at the Cleveland Metroparks Hinckley Reservation with three friends. His parents said after he jumped from one ledge to another he slipped and fell 20 to 30 feet down. His head taking the brunt of the fall.

Wuersig was airlifted to MetroHealth Medical Center.

“That drive to the hospital when I didn’t know how he was and I was thinking those thoughts,” said Robert Wuersig, Jacob’s father. “You can’t even imagine your family without one in the puzzle.”

When his parents got to the hospital, they found him alive, but unconscious and on a ventilator. Jacob sustained a traumatic brain injury as well as facial and skull fractures.

“To see him for the first time was probably the hardest the thing I had to do,” Robert Wuersig said. “I still will walk in at times and just start crying. Just seeing the condition he’s in. That’s your baby and it’s so hard to see your child like that.”

The Wuersigs said they’re taking this one step at a time and living for the little flashes of hope. Just like they had Saturday night when the nurses came in for an assessment.

“They yelled at him and said, ‘Jake open your eyes,’ and just a few seconds on command he did,” said Jennifer Wuersig, Jacob’s mother. “It was so emotional for us. It was really emotional and gave us a bunch of hope.”

Friends have now set up a GoFundMe page to help with the Wuersigs medical expenses. It has already raised more than $52,000.

“For them to take their time to reach out to love on us and love on Jake,” Jennifer Wuersig said. “We’ve been so touched so deeply by the level of support we received.”

The Wuersigs said they’re relying on their strong faith and their loved ones to help them through.

“I just have to believe he’s going to be okay and going to come back to us,” Jennifer Wuersig said. “We love him so much. He’s got a long road ahead but we’re going to be by his side.”

The GoFundMe page was started after the Wuersigs were told their insurance doesn’t cover MetroHealth Medical Center. However, they said if it does end up covering it they will make sure all of the donated money is moved on to those who need it.

You can find the page here.