Editor’s Note: The video above is from a previous report

MEDINA, Ohio (WJW) – A city council committee rejected a proposal issuing special permits to allow crossbow and longbow hunting of deer inside city limits.

“We have 50 to 60 or 55 deer per square mile, which we have 12 square miles in the city so that’s a lot of deer,” said Medina City Council President John Coyne III.

The hunting proposal had been under review as the deer population continues to grow.

City records state the white-tailed deer population reached an unmanageable number and is causing financial hardship for both public and private property owners due to the destruction of plants, flowers and trees.

A solution under consideration was a nuisance abatement initiative to issue deer control permits to qualified archer applicants.

City council voted against the proposal during Tuesday evening’s meeting. However, they did agree to adopt a sustainable, non-lethal deer management plan.

“The committee has to make a determination of what’s best for Medina,” said Coyne. “Based upon what our situation currently is and what do other communities do.”