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MEDINA, Ohio (WJW) – The city of Medina has approved a controversial way to control the growing deer population.

The ordinance passed by a vote of 5-1, allowing bow and arrow hunting of deer under certain circumstances.

Medina residents packed Monday night’s council meeting, speaking for and against the plan to control the deer population.

It allows hunters to apply for licenses and use bow and arrows to kill deer on private property, with the owner’s permission.

Some residents spoke out, concerned that the ordinance will allow hunters to kill deer within city limits and adjacent to residential homes.

According to law, each hunter would need to get a special permit from the city.

Many people spoke out, some concerned about safety and wounded animals running into nearby areas. Others said the deer were a nuisance on their property, eating plants and vegetables.

Many people at the meeting asked for the issue to be put on a ballot and let the voters decide.