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AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – The preliminary medical examiner’s office report related to a deadly Akron officer-involved shooting provides additional details from the early stages of the investigation, but what it does not show is equally as intriguing.

The report is from a Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office investigator who arrived on the scene a short time after the incident early Monday.

Police say officers attempted to pull over 25-year-old Jayland Walker because of a traffic violation. Instead, he lead them on a pursuit that the family’s attorney says was not at high speeds to a parking lot on WiIlbeth Road.

During the pursuit, officers reported that they saw a muzzle flash from Walker’s car.

When he stopped, Walker exited his car and ran with officers pursuing him on foot.

“He turned toward the officers and the officers perceived his behavior as a threat and the officers engaged Mr. Walker with gunfire,” said Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett.T

he preliminary report from the medical examiner’s office does state at least twice that Walker died of “multiple gunshot wounds” and that the wounds were to his head, torso and legs.

Public speculation is that the officers fired as many as 90 shots with 60 of the shots striking Walker, but the preliminary report from the medical examiner’s office does not guess at how many shots were fired.

The report also does not yet say how many bullets are believed to have struck Walker.  

The medical examiner’s office says they are still very carefully attempting to determine which of his wounds are entrance and which are exit wounds.

The report does show as many as 60 photos of spent bullets from the autopsy, but the medical examiner’s office tells FOX 8that the examiner will take photos of the same bullet from different angles so many of the photographs are duplicates.

The preliminary report also shows that a weapon was recovered from a car by the BCI which is the lead investigating agency, but it does not specify from what car it was taken.

Attorneys for the Walker family confirm to FOX 8 that there was a gun in his car but they insist that he had no intention of harming anyone else or himself at the time of the incident.

“We are unaware of any efforts or any contact to family during the critical time, the last minutes of his life. We know he was in good spirits, we know that he had been in contact with family, we know that there was no threat or fear within the family that he was in trouble or doing anything he shouldn’t have been doing,” said Attorney Bob Dicello.

The next line of the report also shows the BCI recovered shell casings, but it does not detail from where the casings were recovered.

SkyFOX video of the scene shows dozens of evidence markers in the parking lot following the shooting.

Among the other intriguing details from the preliminary report is that Walker was found with “tactical tourniquets” on his body. There is no further narrative, but Lt. Michael Miller confirms that the tourniquets are consistent with those most Akron police officers carry with them.

In a news conference on Thursday, Walker’s Aunt Lajuana Walker said her nephew, “was a sweet young man. He never caused any trouble. we don’t know what happened and we would like to know.”

Dicello said Walker was a Door Dash employee who had worked at Amazon at one point he has no criminal record aside from a traffic ticket.

The medical examiner’s preliminary report also reveals that he had no fingerprints on file.

Although the autopsy has been conducted, the medical examiners office says the final report is not yet completed.

The final autopsy report is expected to be completed in the coming days.