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(WJW) — Ever think the spoon that comes with McDonald’s McFlurries was a straw?

You have a free McFlurry coming your way.

McDonald’s is giving everyone who has “ever even thought the spoon was a straw…so yeah, everyone…” a free regular-sized Caramel Brownie McFlurry Tuesday.

“Our McFlurry spoon is ~misunderstood~ and every true McDonald’s fan understands the struggle of confusing it for a straw,” McDonald’s said in a press release. “While we can’t change the iconic hollow spoon (a key piece of the mixing process), we can help ease the sting of your facepalm upon figuring out how to use it.”

To get the McFlurry, customers must just scan the offer code in the McDonald’s App.

“Consider it our way of making that salty moment of confusion just a little sweeter,” the restaurant said in a press release.