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(NEXSTAR) – Take this job and McShove it.

A manager at a McDonald’s in Louisville, Kentucky, allegedly walked off the job earlier this week — and informed customers of the decision with a sign posted to the drive-thru’s speaker.

“We are closed because I am quitting and I hate this job,” the sign explained, according to a photo shared to social media.

Twitter user GreatApeDad first took note of the sign on Monday, and within days his post had earned more than 200,000 likes and thousands of retweets. In a follow-up tweet, he claimed he felt compelled to learn the backstory, and even went to speak with an employee who confirmed the manager’s abrupt departure.

“I spoke with the staff at this McDonald’s today. It turns out the sign was put there by a night shift manager who suddenly quit, and it was left up overnight,” he wrote.

A representative for McDonald’s has not responded to a request for comment, but GreatApeDad claims this particular Louisville location has had its share of difficulties in the previous weeks.

In the comments of his Twitter post, GreatApeDad said the monitor at this restaurant’s drive-thru had recently stopped working. As a result, the employees allegedly hung a different sign in the same spot — informing customers that the ice cream and milkshake machines were broken, too.

GreatApeDad later theorized that staffing shortages may have contributed to the manager’s resignation.

“Workers were already stretched to their limits before the pandemic. Of course people are going to break down under these conditions,” he tweeted.