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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — One fast food chain employee is making sure to give customers a great drive-thru experience.

Melissa Fichtner works at a McDonald’s in Morgantown, West Virigina and arrives to work every shift with a new set of jokes and a smile, according to WDTV.

Fichtner tells at least one joke to every customer she serves at the drive-thru.

“Everybody deserves to be happy,” she told WDTV. “Happiness is what makes this whole entire world go ’round.”

The restaurant’s manager reportedly said Fichtner’s energy is “contagious” and encourages the entire team to better serve the customers.

Fichtner can be found serving jokes and a smile at the drive-thru window every weekday morning.

The news outlet reports her favorite joke to tell is “Why do cowboys carry their horses around? Because they’re too heavy to carry!”

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