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PERKINS TOWNSHIP, Ohio– It is the gateway to Sandusky.

The Maui Sands resort stands at Route 2 and Milan Road in Perkins Township.

“In March of this year, we were notified by the owners of Maui Sands that it would be closing for demolition and renovation,” said Paul Ricci, director of community development for Perkins Township.

But according to Ricci, the resort’s owners, Vintro Hotels and Resorts, never turned in a demolition plan.

Instead, they turned off all the utilities.

“On May 22nd of this year, we were notified by the Perkins Township Police Department that pizza was being delivered to Maui Sands, and they knew as we knew it was supposed to be unoccupied,” said Ricci.

Officers discovered the resort was not secure and inhabited by squatters.

So, the township obtained a warrant for a code inspection.

Ricci says the Erie County Sheriff’s Office had to come in and clear the people living there.

“What we found was several walls were cut out, wiring was cut out, copper piping was cut out. There were also sections with vandalism, broken sinks, ceilings that were pulled down, wiring that was pulled out,” said Ricci.

There was also four feet of water in the pump room.

Wednesday, Perkins Township had the resort condemned.

And now they want it deemed a nuisance.

“Our biggest concern in all this is that the building is unsecure. These are all hazards to anyone who may enter the building,” said Ricci.

FOX 8 reached out to the owners. Our phone calls were not returned Friday.