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BROOKLYN, Ohio– Nancy Burke-Bradley and Joe Overton were enjoying the buffet at the Golden Corral in Brooklyn when a massive brawl broke out Sunday night.

“It just happened. It just exploded on us. It happened so fast, without warning, you didn’t know what it was,” Overton said.

According to witnesses, two parties started fighting just 30 minutes before the buffet ended.

“They moved from one end of the restaurant and ended up in the lobby. And then went back to the other side. The mob moved them. It went on for a long time,” Burke-Bradley said.

Witnesses said at least 15 people were involved and there were small children nearby.

“I saw the table go over, the food and chairs tossed over. I didn’t expect that coming out of the ladies room. I thought I was coming back to my meal,” Burke-Bradley said.

Video shows overturned tables, chairs flipped, a high chair knocked over and AI-bottles on the floor.

“The people at the restaurant, the workers, the cooks, they were all trying to separate and diffuse the situation, but what could they do? There were a lot of people involved,” Overton said.

Three different police departments responded.

Brooklyn police are investigating.

Golden Corral had no comment.