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MASSILLON, Ohio (WJW)– A TikTok challenge has kids running through fences like the Kool-Aid Man’s iconic commercials.

While the cartoon pitcher says “Oh yeah,” one local police department is saying “Oh no.”

The Massillon Police Department posted pictures of two damaged fences and asked parents to talk to their children so they don’t join the trend.

Police said multiple homes have been hit and some of the same fences have been hit multiple times.

“I was flabbergasted. Seriously, where are the parents?!” said resident Jamie Shaw upon learning of the challenge.

Another homeowner, who asked to be identified by his first name Tim, told FOX 8 that his fence was destroyed by the teens.

He said at first he thought strong winds caused the damage, but then learned from officers about the challenge.

“We were actually the third house that morning that it was damaged,” Tim said. “A house about a mile from us was hit four times.”

He said his fence sustained $400 in damages, not including labor.

So while police search for the suspects, he and his neighbors are looking into adding additional security cameras and other measures.

“I just want them caught so I can have some peace of mind one less person I have to worry about,” Tim said.

Incidents of the Kool-Aid Man challenge have been reported across the country since July. It’s another in a string of TikTok challenges with serious consequences, like the “slap a teacher” challenge and “Devious Licks,” which encouraged vandalism.

Anyone with information about the suspects is asked to call Massillon police at 330-832-9811.