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MASSILLON, Ohio — Massillon police say a gunman shot and killed a doctor, then himself in a parking lot at Affinity Medical Center on Monday.

Police have identified the shooter as Michael Wood. The doctor has been identified as Dr. George Seese.

As part of their investigation, police determined that both of the men “shared a mutual love interest.” Wood had confronted Dr. Seese at his car, where he shot Seese. Wood then walked over to his car, which was parked behind Seese’s, and shot himself.  At least six spent rounds were found in the parking lot.

Both men were found on the ground in the parking lot. They were both taken into the hospital, where they passed away.

Police say this was an isolated incident and there was no threat to anyone else.

Police also say the doctor is affiliated with Affinity Medical Center, but his practice is in Perry Township.

Affinity Medical Center released this statement:

A shooting took place outside our hospital earlier this afternoon. The Massillon police were immediately dispatched to our parking lot and detectives are continuing to actively investigate the scene. For the safety of patients, staff and visitors, the hospital was on lockdown for a period of time. The police have since cleared the facility and the hospital is no longer on lockdown.

Though our hospital is designed to be a place of healing, we conduct regular drills to prepare for events such as today’s unfortunate situation. Our staff throughout the facility quickly responded to this incident by following their training to safeguard patients and visitors to the best of their ability. At this time, patient care continues in our hospital.

As a precaution to the shooting, Massillon Schools were placed on lockdown, but that lockdown has since been lifted.

Massillon City Schools posted on their Facebook page:

“The safety of our students and staff is always our number one priority. This afternoon, the Massillon Police Department notified us that there was a safety concern within the community. The Massillon City School District took immediate action and placed each building in lock down for precautionary measures. Police have now notified us that it is safe to come out of lock down. In no circumstance were any of our students or staff in jeopardy. The incident was not on school property. Again, the safety of our students and staff is our number one priority.”