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CLEVELAND (WJW) – “This is a much bigger problem than Deshaun Watson, but he just happens to be the face of the problem right now,” said Theresa Gorski, a licensed massage therapist with a private practice in Ohio City.

Gorski is calling on area therapists to boycott the Browns organization ahead of the American Massage Therapy Association Convention in Cleveland later this month.

“It’s making our profession more dangerous when the team enables someone like this. He is the leader of the team, the quarterback,” said Gorski.

Gorski said Watson’s apology fell short Friday because he failed to acknowledge what he did to hurt a profession that is centered around bodywork therapy but is often associated with sex work.

“When I had my yoga studio, several massage therapists worked as yoga instructors there. When we got called by several entities, like the Browns called us, I sent over two massage therapists over to them,” said Gorski.

So, this is personal for Gorski, who has been in the business for over 20 years.

“I want to support the Browns, I really do. But I can’t. Not with this,” said Gorski.

No doubt the Watson situation will be on the minds of hundreds of massage therapists for the national convention at Huntington Convention Center, which opens on August 25. It ends on the 27th, the same day the Browns play the Chicago Bears at FirstEnergy Stadium.

Gorski is an AMTA member who said she contacted the organization with her concerns.

“It’s unfortunate that the AMTA has not decided to include any panel discussion on this. This could be an opportunity to talk about the reporting structure,” said Gorski.