Massage therapist accused of targeting OSU football players in sex scheme responds to allegations


CLEVELAND (WJW) — A Northeast Ohio woman accused of targeting Ohio State football players in a sex scheme has spoken to FOX 8 News about the recent investigation.

The woman recently surrendered her massage therapy license after a complaint was filed with the State Medical Board of Ohio against the massage therapist on March 14, 2020.

Investigators report that she engaged in “inappropriate and exploitative behavior” with several student-athletes. The complaint alleged that she offered free massages to the members of the football team, used those massages as a means to initiate sexual interactions with some of the student-athletes, and then demanded payment.

During a Thursday evening interview with FOX 8’s Kevin Freeman, she responded to the allegations.

MASSAGE THERAPIST: “I did not ever approach any of those players for any sexual activity, they were only approached professionally.”

FREEMAN: “Did any sexual activity happen?


FREEMAN: “Initiated by?”

MASSAGE THERAPIST: “Them… always, always…I am a professional, I do work with professional athletes as well, I would never risk my relationship with them, by making a sexual move on them… there were not six players that I was in a sexual relationship with, that number is inflated.”

FREEMAN: “How many were there?”

MASSAGE THERAPIST: “I don’t really think that’s anybody’s business, but it definitely was not six.”

According to the woman, the State Medical Board of Ohio was notified of the incident last March by a student-athlete she had a relationship with.

“I did have a relationship with (player) and it didn’t end well,” she said. “I reached out to him just this past March to wish him a happy birthday, and next thing I know he sends screenshots of all of our conversations to the State Medical Board, who then notified the university, and now here we are.”

The investigative report states that her interactions with the student-athletes were not criminal; the sexual activities that occurred were reportedly consensual. It also says that in instances where her advances were unwanted, she reportedly stopped when asked.

“They are college kids, if I wanted to have sex with them, all I needed to say was ‘you wanna have sex?” she explained. “I never, ever would have been the first one to make a move. There had been plenty of players who tried to make the first move on me and I turned them down, so I’m not sure how that got flipped around.  But, I mean, if that’s what Ohio State needs to do to make themselves look like they have things under control and I was the wild card, I was the rogue, you know, player in the situation, then ok.”

In response to the complaint, the state medical board issued an order on March 22 demanding she surrender her license to practice in Ohio with consent to permanent revocation.

Additionally, although there was no determination of a criminal violation, the special counsel in charge of the investigation stated it would be “be prudent to refer the massage therapist’s activity to a prosecutor for consideration.”

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