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CLARKSBURG, Md. — Congratulations is in order at Clarksburg High School in Maryland where one student was admitted to almost every Ivy League school.

Senior Sienna Williams, 18, found out Friday that she had been admitted to every Ivy League school except one, according to her mother’s Facebook post.

“Sienna’s always loved learning and challenging herself,” Daphne Smith Williams wrote on Facebook, “So years ago, when she told me she was going to get accepted to every Ivy League school, I never put it past her.”

Williams was accepted to Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University and Yale University.  Unfortunately, she was wait-listed at Dartmouth College.

Williams was also accepted to MIT, Duke, Maryland and Virginia Tech.

Smith Williams shared that her daughter “put in years of hard work to challenge stereotypes about what black girls with afros, tattoos, and piercings can accomplish.”

Williams reportedly held a 4.8 weighted GPA, took 17 AP classes scoring a 3 or higher on every AP exam, and earned a 1500 on the SAT.  She was also a member of the National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Science Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society.

Williams also played soccer, basketball and softball.  She was the captain of all three teams her senior year.

Her mother also said that Williams participated in an internship at NASA intended for college students two summers in a row.

Her principal, Edward Owusu, also expressed pride in Williams’ accomplishments.

“It’s not only that I only have Clarksburg Coyote Pride, Black Girl Pride, Girl Pride, or pride in the earthlings that are our students. I have so much sincere gratitude and pride in the staff of CHS, the Clarksburg Cluster Schools, and in educators and communities that raise up other people’s children so they can truly live out and experience their dreams,” Owusu wrote on Facebook.

Sienna Williams will be visiting multiple schools over the next couple of weeks before making her final admissions decision by the May 1 deadline.