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BREWSTER, Ohio (WJW) – Officials in a small Stark County village are calling in experts that specialize in live trapping to help capture a wallaby that has been spotted roaming in the area.

The animal was first spotted on Thursday.

Originally it was believed there may have been two kangaroos after witnesses first reported seeing a “baby kangaroo” on Thursday. Then later another person reported seeing an adult-sized kangaroo crossing SR-93 and caught the unusual occurrence on video. (See the video player above.)

Police have since clarified the animal is a wallaby, not a kangaroo, and there is only one.

According to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, both kangaroos and wallabies belong to the marsupial family but a wallaby is much smaller in size and can be identified by its shorter stature and more compact legs when compared to the kangaroo.

The animal was last seen on the north side of the village, according to police.

Officials are asking people to refrain from looking for the animal, or entering properties of another person to find the wallaby.

It’s not clear where the animal may have come from or escaped.

If anyone has information or spots the animal, contact your local law enforcement agency or Brewster Police Dispatch at (330)-830-4272.