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CLEVELAND —  A movement is underway to change marijuana law in Ohio.

There are two proposals–one involving recreational use and the other for medicinal purposes. Both measures could go before Ohio voters to decide.

The Ohio and The Cleveland Chapter of NORML, the National organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, joined forces in downtown Cleveland Saturday. Currently, possessing marijuana is illegal in Ohio. This group would like to see that changed.

One proposal is the Ohio Medical Cannabis Amendment. It would allow for the medicinal use of marijuana. Theresa Daniello with the Ohio Medical Cannabis Association believes marijuana can help the sick, dying and disabled. “We’re talking about our MS patients.  We’re talking about our AIDS patients and our cancer patients. The patients who the most to gain from getting the proper nutrition.” Daniello said this is based on limited research that has been done.

In addition to the medical marijuana initiative there is a proposal to legalize marijuana in Ohio, just like beer and wine. Cher Neufer, President of Ohio NORML, said this proposal has just been introduced. “For instance, you are allowed to personally make your own beer, but you are not allowed to sell it. So, it would be the same thing. You could personally grow so many plants and consume it, share it with your friends whatever, but you can’t sell it,” Neufer said.

The group advocating for the use of medical marijuana must collect 385,000 signatures by July 4, in order to get the measure on the November ballot.