CLEVELAND (WJW) – Before the Cleveland Browns took the field last Sunday against the L.A. Chargers, fans were enjoying tailgate parties in the Muni Lot when there was a commotion.

Rich and Helen Ramsey of Amherst were there with their sons and watched as a man collapsed from an apparent heart attack.

Rich Ramsey told FOX 8, “He was just standing there and all of the sudden he just fell, his head hit the ground, we could hear his head hit.”

Ramsey watched in awe as his wife immediately rushed to the man’s side and began CPR.

“She checked for a pulse, she started compressions, I didn’t have my phone on me so I ran to get my phone to call 911,” said Ramsey. 

Helen Ramsey knew what to do because she is in the life-saving business as a nurse in the cardiac catheterization unit at the University Hospitals St. John Medical Center in Westlake.

Helen says it was during the fourth cycle of CPR that she was able to resuscitate the man.

“The feeling of his breath coming into his lungs as I’m compressing, it was an awesome feeling, it was nice that it was a good outcome,” she said.

Cleveland paramedics arrived at the Muni Lot a short time later and transported the man to the hospital in stable condition, thanks to the quick actions of Helen Ramsey.

“It’s amazing to see it, I mean if you talk to her, she’ll say ‘That’s just what I do, you know, no big deal, you know that’s what we’re trained to do.’ To see it actually happen is really remarkable,” said Rich Ramsey.

Helen Ramsey’s family, friends and colleagues are not surprised by her heroic actions.

It turns out this is the third time she has saved the life of a complete stranger while away from work.

Rich Ramsey says in one case, the couple was at a restaurant when a customer started choking on his food and Helen successfully applied the Heimlich Maneuver.

In another emergency, she and a friend helped revive a woman who went into cardiac arrest at a theater on Playhouse Square.

“When we see it, it’s like, ‘Wow, that’s amazing. I can’t believe that really happened,’ and then they kind of go, ‘That’s just how we roll,” said Rich Ramsey with a chuckle.

For Helen Ramsey, helping people in their time of need is a reflex and she does not believe her actions on Sunday in the Muni Lot were anything special.

“Rich said to me, ‘What would have happened if you weren’t there,’ I said ‘Well, there would have been someone else doing it then, it just wouldn’t have been me,'” said Helen.

Her husband responded, “She’s just a great person, a fantastic nurse and I’m proud of her.”

Helen and her husband never asked for the man’s name, but if he or his family would like to speak with the Ramseys, they can contact FOX 8 and we’ll pass on their contact information.