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MEDFORD, Mass. (WJW) — Sometimes, while cleaning out your car or reaching into a not-worn-often jacket pocket you come away with a surprise $20 or $10 bill. Even finding spare quarters on the street can bring joy if scrambling for parking change. But in one man’s case, a house cleaning revealed a life-changing sum.

Earlier this month, Khalil Soussa’s housecleaner found a lottery ticket in a vase that happened to be worth $1 million, the Massachusetts State Lottery announced.

Photo courtesy Massachusetts State Lottery

The ticket, purchased months ago, was for the state lottery’s 15,000,000 Money Maker game. Soussa reportedly decided to take the cash option, worth $650,000 before taxes, and told the lottery he wants to give the money to charity and to help out a friend, among other things.

The ticket was purchased at a convivence store in Medford.