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AKRON — Investigators are trying to determine what role, if any, the bitter cold temperatures may have played in death of a man found laying on his icy driveway on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service says a mail carrier on her routine route made the discovery around 12 p.m. on Blackstone Drive.

The postal carrier immediately notified authoritities.

Investigators at the scene tell Fox 8 that they cannot say when the man, in his early 40s, died, but he appeared to have been exposed to the elements for a considerable time before he was found.

Authorities were not speculating on a cause of death, although they did tell Fox 8 News that foul play was not immediately suspected.

Although detectives could not say what may have caused the man to have collapsed on his driveway, they do believe the sub-zero temperatures over the previous 24 hours would have only made things worse.

“From what I could see, he wasn’t really dressed for the weather, per-se,” said Akron Detective Rich Morrison, adding “I don’t want to say the weather was a cause, but we will have to look at that and see if that was a factor.”

The body was released to the Summit County Medical Examiner’s office for an autopsy.

Police have not yet released his name.