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MONTROSE, Colo. (WJW) — Most of us know what we’d do if we won the lottery. Quit our jobs, buy an island, cure world hunger … the list goes on. But one man in Colorado who recently hit the jackpot admitted to purchasing something a little more quaint, at least at first.

Waldemar “Bud” T. of Montrose, Colorado, told the Colorado Lottery his initial move was to buy a watermelon for himself and a bouquet of flowers for his wife.

From there, the man who won $5,067,041 in the Sept. 6 drawing said the plan is to make life comfortable while his wife recovers from some upcoming surgeries and also to give back.

“I’m going to give to some charities and really think about what it is I was meant to do with this,” Bud, who already splits his time between Colorado and Arizona, told the lottery.

Bud said when he checked his (what turned out to be winning) numbers online, he thought there must have been mistake. There were his numbers, the ones he plays using a “secret formula.”

He ended up selecting the cash option of $2,533,520.