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PICAYUNE, Miss. (WJW) — A traffic stop didn’t go as planned for a man in Mississippi Friday afternoon.

Officers with the Picayune Police Department Neighborhood Enhancement Team reportedly pulled over a driver who had committed a traffic infraction just after 12:30 p.m. The woman driving and her male passenger were asked to leave the vehicle for police to make a search.

The search, which police said they had probable cause for, yielded a stash of meth, liquid heroin and other drug-related items along with a gun hidden in a Taco Bell bag … inside of a quesadilla.

Photo courtesy Picayune Police Department/Facebook

The man was arrested on a variety of drug charges and for having a gun as a felon and tampering with evidence.

The driver received a ticket for “disregard for a traffic device” and was able to leave.

“#tacoaboutnotcool,” the police said in a Facebook post.