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CLEVELAND — A Parma Heights man is sentenced to five years in prison, one month after pleading guilty to spiking his own father’s milk with Visine and nearly killing him.

“He should be held accountable for the pain and suffering he has caused me and my family,” says Frank Shull, 84, who pleaded with the judge to give his son the maximum sentence.

Prosecutors say Byron Shull, 56, was homeless and jobless when his parents took him in. Angry about the house rules of no drinking or smoking, the recovering alcoholic apparently wanted payback.

Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Frankie Goldberg said, “This defendant seems to believe that poisoning his father with two bottles of Visine in his milk is his version of a practical joke. Only it came with an ambulence and near fatal consequences.”

The elder Shull was hospitalized at Metro Health for a month and in rehab for a month after, and prosecutors say he is still recovering in what should be the golden years of his life.

Once released from the Lorain Correctional Institution, Shull will be on parole for five years.