Editor’s Note: The video above is from a previous report

AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – A man who led authorities on a wild police pursuit with a stolen motorhome in Summit County was sentenced to prison Thursday.

Randy Schiffbauer, 25, of Smithville in Wayne County, pleaded guilty to robbery, two counts of felonious assault and failure to comply. He was sentenced to seven to nine and a half years in prison.

The pursuit began after the Summit County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call about a man trying to break into vehicles in the city of Green on June 2, 2021.

When a deputy arrived, she saw the RV leave the scene at a high rate of speed, with the slide-outs extended and a power cord dragging behind it.

The deputy tried to pull the RV over, but the driver, later identified as Shiffbauer, refused to stop and rammed the deputy’s cruiser and other cars and trucks as the pursuit continued.

Troopers with Ohio State Highway Patrol joined the chase and used stop sticks to try and stop the RV. But, even on flat tires and eventually just the rims, Shiffbauer kept driving.

After ramming into police cruisers and civilian vehicles on Arlington Avenue, Shiffbauer tried to get away by driving through the backyards of homes in a neighborhood in Green.

At one point, troopers tried to use the so-called PIT maneuver to stop the RV and tore off the back end, but, again, Shiffbauer kept driving.

The pursuit came to end when Schiffbauer drove into the back yard of a home. He nearly hit a woman spreading mulch before bailing out of the RV and fleeing on foot. He was quickly captured after being chased down by a Highway Patrol canine.

This wasn’t the first time Schiffbauer made headlines for unusual criminal behavior behind the wheel.

Investigators say in 2019, he jumped into a bulldozer at a construction site in Summit County and went on a rampage on the streets of Akron. Witnesses looked on in disbelief as Schiffbauer used the bulldozer to ram into cars and then tried to demolish a house.