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HOUSTON, Texas — A man says he is now trying to clear his name after he was accused of having meth that he says was just kitty litter.

Ross Lebeau, of Cypress, Texas, told KTRK, he was taken to jail in December after authorities thought they found almost half a pound of methamphetamine in his car.

Field tests came back positive.

Last week the case was dismissed when the Institute of Forensic Science found that it wasn’t meth.

Lebeau says it was cat litter that at first was inside of a sock. He says his dad left it in his car to keep the windows from fogging up.

A statement from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to KTRK said, in part:

“Regarding this incident all indication shows that the deputies followed basic procedures and followed established protocol related to this incident. Because of the established procedures in place and this contraband was submitted to the Institute of Forensic Science it was determined not to be methamphetamine and charges were dismissed.”

Lebeau said he doesn’t blame the deputies, just the field tests. He does want an apology.