CLEVELAND (WJW) – For his entire life, 62-year-old Larry Orwin has been running.

“There is just something about it,” Orwin said. “I love to run. These races involve running long distances. Every morning I look forward to getting up and getting a good workout in.”

But for the last 13 years, Larry has been running in ultra marathons. Those races are longer than 26.2 miles. For Larry, running in these races is more than just fulfilling a hobby or practicing a healthy lifestyle. He’s been participating in many ultra-marathons to raise money for the Breakthrough Schools – a free charter school system in Cleveland.

“There’s 10 different schools and we currently educate 3,100 students typically from the inner city,” Orwin added.

Last summer, Larry ran in the Badwater 135 race in the Death Valley desert. While he didn’t finish the race, he was still a winner for his students.

“I raised $145,000 for the Breakthrough Schools which I felt really good about,” Orwin said.

Larry’s next race might be the most daunting. He’s trying to break a world record of running more than 150 miles in a 24-hour span.

“The clock is not your friend,” Orwin laughed. “You’re running against time. Every second counts. Somebody asked me, what do you do? Do you sit down? Do you sleep? You can do whatever you want. But the clock is running.’’

Larry will be running at an indoor track at the Pettit Ice Center in Milwaukee on Just 17th for 24 hours to attempt to break the world record in his 60-64 age group. The record is 149.3 miles in 24 hours set in 1980!

Balancing his breaks while eating and hydrating is a feat not many people will ever try. But for anyone who’s about to embark on their own personal workout journey, Larry knows exercise can be intimidating for even a novice, so his best advice…

“Take that first step,” Orwin said. “The human body was meant to move. Sure you might not be able to run 100 miles, but take a walk around outside… it’s pretty….start moving!