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WARREN, Ohio — Police in Warren say they’re looking for a man who pulled out a gun after being told by a McDonald’s drive-thru worker there were no steak bagels available.

Police say the incident occurred shortly after 3:30 a.m. Wednesday. Officials for the McDonald’s say the man wanted a steak bagel and was upset he couldn’t get one at that time of morning.

The worker who called 911 told police that two men inside the customer’s car appeared to be around 20 years old. She said the driver called her a vulgar name after pulling out the gun and then cursed at her again before driving away.

Police say the incident is one of the most unusual calls they have ever received.

“We have had people upset in drive thru’s before because their orders are messed up, but I don’t remember anyone pulling a gun because they couldn’t get a sandwich they wanted,” said Detective Wayne Mackey.

There was no video from the restaurant security cameras, police said.

City Law Director Greg Hicks said police are hoping someone in the area may have noticed something early Wednesday morning.

“We want to get these guys and that gun off the street,” Hicks said.