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CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) — A Campbell man is facing animal cruelty charges after police found over 90 animals in his home, including a dog, chickens, rabbits and pigeons, according to a police report.

Police responded to a home on the 300 block of Whipple Avenue in late February, after a neighbor reported a dog being enclosed inhumanely in a garage, according to a report.

Campbell police say they found a dog in a garage with dirty windows and locked exits. Feces and urine covered the garage. The officers say it looked like it had not been cleaned in years, according to the report, and had large amounts of cobwebs hanging from the rafters.

The dog weighed was very skinny and dirty. Police say his eyes were bloodshot and he had trouble breathing. They did not see any food or water in the garage.

Police then searched a chicken coop area at the house, which they said had a layer of dust. Police found 20 chickens in the coop and no food and water on the initial search. When they returned, they did find food and water in the coop, according to the report. Police say the coop was only large enough for six chickens.

When officers entered the coop, the chickens ran toward them and made noises the officers “had never heard before,” according to the report.

Only three of the birds were an adequate weight, according to the report.

Police then searched another enclosure on the property, where they found pigeons, reports say. Because officers believe the pigeon coop “had never been cleaned,” the layer of feces on the ground of the coop was four inches thick, according to the report.

Police say there was no food or water inside the coop, beside a few pieces of food scattered on the floor. Police say there were 64 pigeons inside the coop, which should only have fit four pigeons.

Police also found six rabbits enclosed along the property with no food or water in any of the cages. Feces were spread along each of the cages, according to the report.

Police found Pavlo Santiago was the owner of the home, according to the report. Police found him on the porch during their first visit and said he was cooperative.

Officers say he could be charged with up to 91 counts of cruelty to animals and neglect of animals, among other charges.

Santiago, 61, is due in court next Friday to face his charges.