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UNION COUNTY, N.C. (WJW) — A sheriff’s office in North Carolina is investigating the death of a man who was found underneath a car.

According to a Facebook post on the Union County Sheriff’s Office page, last week, authorities responded to a home and found the man deceased under a Toyota Prius sedan, which was in the driveway of a home.

The sheriff’s office said detectives found evidence that the man was in the process of cutting off and stealing the catalytic converter from the Prius right before his death. “The findings on scene indicated that at some point during the cutting of the exhaust pipe, the vehicle fell off of the automotive jack and on top of the male subject,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

Authorities said the man was not a resident of the home where he was found.

The sheriff’s office said it hoped sharing this information would serve as a warning of the dangers that come with the theft of vehicle parts.

” A catalytic converter and the small amount of scrap value it holds is not worth the risk of losing your life.”