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WELLESLEY, Mass. (CNN) — One man’s hobby has paid off…literally.

While rummaging through old books and magazines, which he collects, a man found thousands of dollars.

He’s not claiming the cash just yet, but the countdown is on to find the rightful owner.

He’s a Brazilian immigrant and a modest handyman who collects magazines to make art.

“And they help me with my English because I never went to school, and this way, I can learn more and try to learn to read,” he said.

This massive collection all came from the Wellesley Dump. He goes about twice a week, and just last month, he stumbled upon an old book stuffed to the brim with tens of thousands of dollars.

“When I opened the book and I see the money, and then I close the book and I run to my car,” he said.

The man didn’t want to say his name. He also asked media not to say how much exactly he found, but it’s somewhere between $20,000 ad $30,000. The money is no longer at his house.

“I look if I can see a name in the book, someone put their name in the front page, you know how people write their names in the book?,” he said.

But so far, it’s been one dead-end after another. But he wants the rightful owner to come forward.

“This book is a lot of history there,” he said. “My point of view is, I want to see because if someone maybe who separated the money to buy a house, put a down payment for the house. What if that happened to me, if it was me? I’m going to go crazy, alright?”

He decided to wait six months for the owner to claim the cash. He’s already received dozens of emails, mostly encouraging him to keep the money. But he wants to do the right thing.

“I can’t go to sleep without thinking about that now,” he said. “But if nobody claims it, I can say I did my part. Then I can go back to getting sleep every day, no problem.”

In order to claim the cash, the owner has to be able to identify the book, the exact amount of money stashed inside, and name other items placed inside.