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CLEVELAND- A man accused of using sex as a weapon is facing a long list of charges.

Richard Morris had sex with men and women, both teens and adults, all while he knew he carried the virus that causes AIDS, according to Cuyahoga County prosecutors.

Investigators identified six victims and said they believe there could be more they don’t know about yet.

Morris was indicted on 18 charges including rape, felonious assault and sexual battery.

“He used aliases with some of these victims. So they weren’t able to learn his true identity. So we believe that there might be more victims out there. He was also, back in the early 2000s, using chat lines and dating sites,” said Holly Welsh, assistant Cuyahoga County prosecutor.

Meantime, the Cuyahoga County Human Trafficking Task Force is also investigating. The task force is looking into whether human trafficking was also involved in this case.

Morris is pleading not guilty.

Prosecutors said he made headlines years ago. They say Morris was convicted on sex charges, but then the conviction was overturned on appeal.

If you believe you are a victim or you know someone victimized, investigators are referring calls to MetroHealth Medical Center police at 216-778-4536.