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PORT CLINTON, Ohio (WJW) – Teams from Port Clinton and Sandusky have had a spirited rivalry over the years. At times, it has reached a fever pitch.

But no one attending Sunday’s football game between sixth grade teams was prepared for the behavior of a 30-year-old Port Clinton man after Sandusky won.

“He started yelling the N word, started cussing at us, saying he was going to kick people’s [expletive],” said Sandusky parent Richard Alexander.

“I was kind of shocked. I think everybody was at first. It was just like, you know, because he walked right by us, I was thinking he was just leaving and then he turns around and he flips everybody off and calls everybody names again,” said Sandusky parent Michelle Gordon.

Witnesses say 30-year-old Ryan Bullis then pulled out a canister of pepper spray and started spraying some of the Sandusky fans after they confronted him about his behavior in front of dozens of children.

“I saw a lot of looks on their faces. They were pretty disheartened by what was going on. My son was standing there seeing me pepper sprayed, it was just a bad deal all the way around,” said Alexander.

Bullis was arrested by Port Clinton police and charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one count of inducing panic.

“To me, it was racially motivated and that’s just what it seemed like to me, and I mean, standing in a crowd of Black folks standing there watching their kids play the game, there’s no place for that in this game,” said Alexander.

Investigators are now trying to determine what the motive for Bulllis’ unruly behavior may have been. He is not the parent of any of the young players in Sunday’s game.

“I guess he should be banned from the games because that’s a little ridiculous. Any kind of a child’s game is a child’s game. It’s supposed to be fun,” said Michelle Gordon.

During a court hearing Monday afternoon, a judge set Bullis’ bond on the three felony charges at $150,000.