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COSHOCTON, Ohio (WJW) — Emotions are running high with the presidential election less than a week away, and it has landed a Coshocton County man in hot water with the law.

An 84-year-old Coshocton resident called 911 on October 22 and reported that he had been punched and kicked by an acquaintance.

The elderly victim told the 911 dispatcher, “I had a guy come down here and just kick the living daylights out of me.” The dispatcher asked, “Do you know what it was about, why he did it?” The victim replied, “well yes, it was about a political sign.” The dispatcher replied, “my goodness gracious.”

The victim, who is a Joe Biden supporter, reported that 69-year-old Melvin Wallace of West Lafayette, who is a Donald Trump supporter, attacked him because the 84-year-old had a Biden sign in his yard.

The elderly man reported that he told Wallace to leave his property the day before because had Wallace made fun of the Biden sign.

The victim told the 911 dispatcher, “He said ‘how can you be that stupid you SOB to put that sign up,’ and all I done was, I said ‘you leave now.’” 

After listening to the stories of the 84-year-old victim and Melvin Wallace, investigators with the Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office charged Wallace with assault, for knowingly causing harm to the victim.

Fox 8 went to Melvin Wallace‘s home to get his side of the story, but there was no answer at the door. The victim has now taken out a restraining order against Wallace.

When asked by the 911 dispatcher if he wanted paramedics to come to the scene and check his injuries, the victim responded, “Well no, I think I’m all right, but this guy is an idiot.”

Wallace is scheduled to appear in Coshocton Municipal Court on November 18.

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