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BEREA, Ohio –Sometimes people will do anything for a little attention.

“I have a lot of cars driving by wanting to know what’s going on, what does the sign say,” says Monte Gaddis, of Cleveland.

Gaddis has been walking up and down the sidewalk outside the Browns headquarters in Berea for three straight days. He’s wearing a sign around his neck that reads ‘Starving for my first shot, why not?’

“I just have confidence in myself that I know I can make this team and maybe change things around,” the 23-year-old Gaddis said.

At 5’11” and 210 pounds, this Cleveland Central Catholic alum and former college football player is trying to get a tryout with the Cleveland Browns.

“This guy is phenomenal,” said Gaddis’ good friend, Kevin Conwell. “He believes in himself and the Browns need to give him a shot.”

Gaddis was a walk-on at the University of Maryland. He fell on hard times and ended up getting a full-scholarship at Towson. He was an All-American in 2012, a defensive MVP in 2013 and even played in the FCS Championship.

“I’m not giving up on it until something happens,” said Gaddis.

Monte’s perseverance finally paid off: Browns GM Ray Farmer came out of the facility for a private meeting with the Cleveland native.

“I’m not going to lie, I got a little nervous,” Gaddis said. “He gave me his e-mail, told me to send my highlight film and my websites to him and told me to bring a full game footage up tomorrow.”

Gaddis got the attention he wanted, but will it be enough to land him that dream job?

“I believe in myself and I believe in the support I get,” said Gaddis. “I know somebody is going to give me the chance.”

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It's crazy to see your dreams right in front of you, but I'm ready to turn up on that field 👿👿 THANK YOU for the support from EVERYONE. This was more than just me showing how hungry I am for an NFL opportunity. Using social networks, was an outlet to show my city #Cleveland how we can support positive moves ‼️ We know what goes on in the city, I went viral without being naked, in jail or dead. I could of did this without pictures, this not for fame! I REALLY WANT THIS. Now my supporters will understand what #GaddisGuidance truly represents. Going hard for God 🙌🏾, my family and ME. Everybody should go hard for what you want, it's not easy & the fast way don't last long. #LetsEat 🍴🏈 #MonteGaddis #TeamMonteGaddis #MotivationalUseOnly #NFL #DreamCatcher #LeagueDreams

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