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CLEVELAND—Cleveland police have arrested one man following the deadly house fire on West 56th Street Thursday morning.

Roma Sparks (Photo Credit: Family members)

The house was completely engulfed by the time fire crews arrived at about 5 a.m. Thursday. 75-year-old Roma Sparks was located unconscious near the back door and later died at the hospital.

Neighbors said while the flames burned, Sparks’ neighbor, Charles Davenport, stood across the street confessing that he poured gasoline on the front of the house and lit it.

Davenport has since been arrested on aggravated arson and aggravated murder, but has not yet been charged.

“The guy knocked on my door, told me to move my truck because he was about to do something to that house,” neighbor Ryan Mahone said.

Davenport’s mother told FOX 8 News he was recently released from the hospital for mental health treatment and something Sparks did must have made him snap.