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BROOK PARK, Ohio (WJW) — A Parma man was arrested over the weekend for reportedly impersonating a federal officer during a traffic stop, Brook Park police said.

According to a U.S. District Court affidavit, Gregory Candea was pulled over by Brook Park police on Saturday around 10:15 p.m. for reportedly driving through a stop light with blue lights flashing from the inside of his Ford F-350.

When the officer asked what he was doing, Candea reportedly said he was actually an undercover CIA agent. However, he was unable to prove his CIA affiliation and instead reportedly gave the officer an FBI badge instead, claiming he also worked for that organization. Candea was reportedly wearing a CIA T-shirt at the time of the traffic stop.

Gregory Candea

Calling in for backup, the officer was joined by another Brook Park police officer and were able to get Candea to step out of his vehicle. At the time he not only reportedly told the officers he also worked for the U.S. Treasury Department, they could also see a DEA badge inside the car.

After checking into Candea, police discovered multiple warrants already out for the man’s arrest. It was also confirmed Candea was not a member of the FBI.

The FBI confirmed to Brook Park officers that Candea was not an FBI agent, according to the affidavit. Authorities found that warrants were out for Candea’s arrest.

At the time of the arrest, officers asked Candea why he never appeared in court before, which led to his arrest warrants. He reportedly replied “I never go to court, I have too much authority in the United States,” the affidavit said.