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ELYRIA, Ohio — Russell Duchon is still in disbelief after learning about his family tree.

The 63-year-old along with his sister were given up by their mother and placed into foster care.

Ever since then, he wondered who she was and if he had any other relatives.

He decided to try his luck on and found out way more than he ever expected.

“We had very little to go on. We knew that his mother, his birth mother was very young in the system herself,” said his wife Carolyn.

Carolyn said they wound up getting in touch with a woman from Strongsville, who was the key to his past.

“She goes my daughter is a half-sister to your husband and there are many other siblings,” she explained.

Dozens more to be exact.

Russell and Carolyn discovered his birth father had more than 60 children with different women throughout his life.

On Wednesday, many of them gathered for a family reunion.

“Overwhelmed! I couldn’t believe that this is my older brother and he was searching for him for years and years,” said Russell’s brother James Carte.