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(WJW) — We made Fox 8 history!

We recently unearthed a time capsule in the station’s backyard that was buried decades ago.

Friday, we buried a new one.

The intention is to dig the capsule up in 25 years.

After getting hundreds of ideas and photos from our viewers, Fox 8 filled the capsule with several items relating to Cleveland and the past year.

Some of the items include:

  • Fox 8 swag
  • Puzzle
  • $2.73
  • Gas can
  • NFL draft credentials
  • Newspapers
  • John Adams drum mallets
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Twinkie
  • Rock Hall inductees plaque
  • Cleveland Metroparks Zoo stuffed tiger
  • COVID-19-themed items from area hospitals
  • Michael Stanley CD
  • Amazon box
  • St. Jude hat
  • Stuffed woollybear
  • Dick Goddard book
  • Baker Mayfield swag
  • Cleveland sports paraphernalia

Fox 8’s own morning show anchors also chose items to include:

  • Scott Sabol: Photo of himself
  • Kenny Crumpton: Kickin’ it with Kenny mask
  • Stefani Schaefer: Black dress
  • Wayne Dawson: Three piece suit
  • Kristi Capel: Autographed pair of heels

We also included a thumb drive filled with photos submitted by our viewers.