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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio — The bitterly cold temperatures have nothing to do with why mail delivery has stopped in a portion of Rocky River.

The problem, according to the city, is an “aggressive” brood of wild turkeys.

“It has come to our attention that a brood of turkeys have interfered with postal deliveries in the Edgewood/Valley View area. The Rocky River Post Office informed us that the wild turkeys have created an unsafe condition for the postal carrier thereby preventing home delivery for mail,” a statement from the city read.

The letter noted that the carrier had “no practical means to ward off loose animals,” and had to return the mail back to the post office for residents to pick up.

Mail delivery to about 20 homes in the neighborhood is being impacted.

Because of ordinances prohibiting the eradication of wild turkeys, the city has asked residents to help by eliminating food sources for turkeys, such as bird feeders, and to also refrain from feeding wild animals.

The affected streets are Valley View, Winfield, East Shoreland, Schlather, High Parkway and Edgewood.

“As of this date, the Post Office will attempt daily mail deliveries unless there are complications from the wild turkeys’ aggressive behavior,” the letter continued.

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