The stress of a wedding can be known to bring out the worst of the bride-to-be.  While it is normal for some brides to have requests for their wedding party, one bride is being blasted for her demands on Reddit.

Her friend of 20 years is the maid-of-the-honor.  The woman posted on in the forum titled, ‘Bridezilla said what?’  that she was forced to get hair extensions and pay for them and was told she couldn’t wear her glasses during the ceremony and reception.

The maid-of-honor says she is  “blind as a bat. “ I don’t want to ‘ruin’ her wedding by wearing my glasses, but what in the world am I going to do?! I’m going to be stumbling around like a blind idiot.”

The woman said she mentioned her issues to the bride but was told, “If I need to find the restroom, I can briefly slide them on to see where I’m going but to be sure and remove them, before exiting as a photographer may be in the area taking photos. I really wish I had backed out of this mess the first time the fiancé moved out. But I’m stuck now.”

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