MACEDONIA, Ohio (WJW) — A local man who once ran a daycare was sentenced to life behind bars Tuesday after pleading guilty to 16 separate charges, including rape.

William Lupica, 72, and his wife ran a daycare in Macedonia for decades. In that time, many parents put their trust in him to take care of their kids.

“You have been no less than family to us,” said the family of one victim. “A parent figure to my husband and I, a grandfather figure to my kids.”

But in 2021, a 3-year-old boy attending the daycare told his parents about being abused by Lupica.

From there, investigators searched the daycare. 

They found a small camera that was utilized by Lupica, who was collecting inappropriate pictures of children at the daycare. 

Video evidence gathered by investigators confirmed another incident of rape committed by Lupica with another victim, who had attended the daycare from ages 3 to 5 years old. 

Earlier this year, Lupica pleaded guilty to 16 separate charges of sexual abuse, including rape.

Parents of Lupica’s victims got a chance to speak in court directly to the man who caused their family so much pain.

“We put our trust in you with our most important gift, the care and protection of our children,” said the family of one victim. “That turned out to be a lie.”

Lupica stared straight ahead while listening to the victim’s testimony. He never made eye contact with anyone who spoke about his actions.

Lupica is eligible for parole after 30 years. At that time, he would be 102 years old.

“There is absolutely nothing that I am going to do today that will make anyone feel better,” said Summit County Common Pleas Judge Joy Malek Oldfield. “I understand that, and I am sorry.”

He was given a chance to address the court. He apologized to his victims and his own family.