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(WKBN) – Lyme disease is rising in children this summer and it’s something parents need to be aware of.

FOX 8 sister station WKBN spoke with a pediatric doctor at Akron Children’s Hospital about the best methods of prevention.

With more people out and about in nature this year, tick bites have been at an all-time high, which can lead to Lyme disease.

Dr. Alex Miksit says this is something that is continuing to grow in Ohio.

“As of July 1, we are already up at 116 cases for the summer and what they notice is that as far as we talked about it being tick-based, they are noticing that’s following very close to the pattern distribution of the deer tick, the black-legged tick,” Dr. Miksit said.

Dr. Miksit says teenagers are at the highest risk of getting the disease.

From being around long grass in the woods, he says the ticks like to jump on any kind of skin they can.

As for preventative advice…

“You can wear long sleeve, long pants, even if you can tuck your socks into your pants, you help prevent that route that they can get into your legs. You can combine that with DEET, [which] has been shown to be beneficial in terms of keeping the ticks off of you. When you get back home, it’s very important to check over to make sure nothing is just sitting on your skin. If it’s there, you can get it off before it attaches to you because it’s really the attaching that allows the disease to get transmitted,” Dr. Miksit said.

He says early detection and treatment are key when dealing with Lyme disease.

Most cases can be cured within two to four weeks.