(WJW) – Lyft is offering an on-time pickup promise that could make you money.

When booking a ride through the app, users will see the promise, ensuring that a ride will be there when they need it. If Lyft is more than ten minutes late for a scheduled pickup, they will compensate customers with up to $100 in Lyft credits, even if they opt for a taxi or an Uber.

This on-time pickup promise is the latest addition to Lyft’s suite of scheduled ride features. Customers can now schedule rides up to 30 days in advance, lock in their prices, and set their preferred pickup times.

To ensure timely pickups, drivers have the option to accept scheduled rides in advance and earn more for these rides compared to standard ones. Scheduled rides are given priority when matching with a driver.

If the driver is more than 10 minutes late, customers receive $20 in Lyft Cash. If they are not matched with a driver within 10 minutes of their scheduled pickup time, they automatically receive $50 in Lyft Cash. Additionally, if customers need to use an alternative service for their airport ride, they can submit the receipt and receive up to $50 more in Lyft Cash, totaling up to $100.

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